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My name is Danio. I am a creative Web Developer and UI/UX Engineer. Expert in planning, development and deployment of websites for any industry and customer.

There is much more than simple analysis and planning, which I always do. Developing a website is about answering the customer's and its own customer's preblems and demands. I value and take into account the personal branding of my customers, how they want to comunicate a message. And if there is no personal branding, we create it together.

How I Can Help your Company

Digital Presence & Branding

When passion, courage, and craftsmanship are put into something, positive things will happen.

Any service is tailored to each customer's personal situation and objectives.

Web Development

Light or dark theme? Shall I use wordpress or do I need a website created from scratch? Do I need to make my website fast? How should my website look?
My job is to make these questions disappear. First of all, I want to know about you, your company and your customers. We will evaluate together how your strenghts should be comunicated and expressed through a website infrastructure. I will plan, I will develop and deploy. The only thing you need to take care of? Be your own customer, look at your new website and be impressed by what you have achieved. Your new website will be fast, looking incredible, first position on Google every time, tailored for your customers. The only downside of this service? Once you have your website you will want more!

UI/UX Engineering

I have a website, why don't I find new customers? Why users leave my website? What is wrong with my website?
Million $ question. There could be so many different reasons. Starting from speed, map structure & design, CTAs... What is the take-home message? Even the smallest asset matter! UI/UX Engineering is a step we use to evaluate how much user friendly is your website. Of course, your user is your tipycal customer. However, you might want another type of customer to find out about you and fall in love with your product or service. Worry no more. Designing the perfect welcoming website and its infrastructure will be my task. A great looking website is like a great hall in a company's office. You need customers to fall in love with your company.

Branding & Identity

Brand identity, also known as brand identity, is a marketing concept that requires a company's identity to be solid and clear so that the target audience can easily recognize the brand and align it with the brand image (defined as what the consumer recognizes of the brand). It is made up of all the visual and emotional factors that allow a brand to be easily recognizable by people. In addition to its physical appearance, it defines its "character" through its tone of voice, values, and principles transmitted.

Cloud / Database Engineering

Database engineering, also known as data engineering, is the process of designing and implementing digital databases. Database engineers use computing tools to create new databases or adjust the function and capacity of existing databases. They design efficient database engine processes for sorting and accessing information. Database engineers build, install, and manage database systems for companies

Clients I
Stand For

Can't wait to be part of your next project!